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Vietnam Valuation and Finance Consultancy company – VVFC (formerly Vietnam valuation center – Ministry of Finance) is the oldest instution with the highest prestige of Vietnam.
Over 18 performing years, VVFC has strongly developed in both quality and quantity as the leading one in Vietnamese Appraisal. Below are the milestones marking the History and Developments, Achievements and Great Honor Awards that the Party, Goverments and Ministry of Finance awarded for VVFC.
History & Development
1998  Head of the Government Pricing Committee signed the Decision No 14/1998-QĐ-BVGCP establishing the Vietnam Valuation Center under the Government Pricing Committee
Minister of Ministry of Finance signed the Decision No 112/2003/QĐ-BTC transferring the Vietnam Valuation Center under the Ministry of Finance
The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) issued the Certificate the System of Quality Management following the international standard ISO 9001:2008
2007 Vietnam Valuation Center -  Ministry of Finance was equitized and converted into the Vietnam Valuation and Financial Consultant Joint Stock Company


Awarded the Golden Cup “ ISO Quality” by the Ministry of Science and Technology
  VVFC was honorably granted with 02theThird-grade Labour Medals, 05 Certificates of Merit from the Prime Minister
Awarded the Golden Cup “Vietnamese Typical Enterprises”, Golden Cup “Excellent Leadership”, Certificates of Merit “Vietnamese Enterprises” of VCCI
  National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam - Ministry of Science and Technology issued the Certificate the trademark registration for VVFC
VVFC was honorably granted with 02theThird-grade Labour Medals, Emulation Movement Flags of Vietnam Government
VVFC was honorably granted with 03theThird-grade Labour Medals, Certificates of Merit from the Prime Minister
VVFC was honorably granted with 02theSecond-grade Labour Medals from President
VVFC built our position and leading brand in Vietnam in the field with 23 branches, representative offices in the whole country.
  VVFC is reputable operation with the most appraisers and the biggest branches which are allowed to issue Appraisal certificates by Ministry of Finance  in Vietnam

On February 1998, Vietnam Valuation Center (now is VVFC) is the first valuation unit established following the Decision 14/1998-QĐ-BVGCP dated 09/02/1998 of Head of the Government Pricing Committee. The activities of the Center marked the beginning of the Valuation Profession in Vietnam. At first, the key staff includes 03 officers from the Departments of Government Pricing Committee. The tasks of VVFC’s officers at that time was not only propagate to customers the meaning and purpose of Appraisal – a new concept with society, but also built the professional valuation process based on foreign documents and coordinate with the State Authorities  in developing and improving the legal corridor about valuation.

In 2002, with the introduction of the Price Ordinance, VVFC has thrived successfully in appraisal about purpose, type and value of property. VVFC has gradually overcome difficulties, improved and completed the professional valuation process, strengthened HR organization structure, developed nationally a network of branches , representative offices by laying the initial foundation with 02 branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong City; 01 Representative office in Dien Bien province. At that time, VVFC has been in the transition period of the market-oriented renovation which is the trend in the whole country in general and in the appraisal field in particular.

On December, 2007, following the Decree 101/ND-CP of the Government about valuation, VVFC was chosen by Ministry of Finance to be the first appraisal organization in Vietnam  which officially convertedfrom  Business units with revenue under Ministry into Joint stock Company with the name Vietnam Valuation and Financial Consultancy Company (VVFC). Subsequently, dozen of Joint stock companies and Valuation Limited Companies were established across the country. Valuation activities increasingly vibrant. The system of legal documents about appraisal was being completed, creating a favorable environment for the development of appraisal. However, with the development, the competition between valuation enterprises increasingly become tougher.

To survive and thrive in the market economy, VVFC has determined the importance is maintaining and developing the brand VVFC through quality service and professional attitude to adapt the reasonable and legitimate demands from customers. Facing the important turning point on organization structure, with orientation and sustainbable development, VVFC has developed in both quality and quantity, expressing by:

- 2010- 2015, the annual asset value of VVFC reached  to hundreds of thousands of billion, about 20 times more than 2003’s and about 400 times more than that of the early establishing year. Annual revenue increases about 20 – 30%.

- Network of VVFC’s branches has developed strongly with 23 Branches and Representative offices across the country. VVFS has been the organization which has the highest number of branches permitting to release directy the Appraisal Certificate and highest number of Appraisers in the country.

- VVFC has always been the leader in Determination of enterprises value and Consult in Equitisation for most corporations 90, 91 allowing to privatization by the Government.

- With experience and high qualifications, VVFC always receives the trust of the Price Management Department – Ministry of Finance in contributing ideas to build and promulgated appraisal mechanisms and policies.

- VVFC’s achievements have been recognized by the Party, Government and Ministry of Finance dedicated to the national development as well as that of Ministry of Finance shown by 02 the Second-Grade Labour Medals, 07 the Third-Grade Labour Medals, 02 Emulation Movements Flags of Goverments, 36 Certificates of Merit from the Prime Minister and many Certificates, Emulation Movement Flags, Certificates of Merit from Ministry of Finance.

Over 18 experienced years, with the cares, supports and guidance of the Government Pricing Committee and Ministry of Finance, through the own efforts of all officers staffs, VVFC has incessantly strived to show bravery, position and prestige of the leader in the valuation.
With the continuous effort of all VVFC staffs in 18 years, VVFC’s achievements was honorly recognized by State, Government, Ministry of Finance and other agencies dedicated to development of the country as well as that of Ministry of Finance, expressing by the prestigious awards such as:
Type Grade


The Second-grade Labour Medals



The Third-grade Labour Medals



Emulation Movements Flags of Government



Certificates of Merit from the Prime Minister



Emulation Movements Flags of Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance


Certificates of Merit of Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance


Merit of Minister of Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance

Beside, VVFC has awarded many Certificates from Ministries, Vietnam Labour Confederation, Vietnam Women Union…

VVFC has its quality management system accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) as conforming to ISO9001:2008 on October 2005 which will be maintained up to 2011. VVFC is the unique finance consultancy unit received “ISO gold cup 2008” prize of the Ministry of Science and Technology. VVFC has been awarded with “Vietnam excellent enterprise” Golden cup 2009, Golden Cup “Excellent Leader”; Certificate “Vietnam excellent Enterprise” of VCCI…

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